Welcome to the Humboldt Kolleg "The impact of Bioimaging and Structural Biology in Field of Life Science"

On behalf of the Ambassador Scientist of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Brazil, Prof. Dr. Mônica Santos de Freitas, and the Organizing Committee of the Humboldt Kolleg entitled “The Impact of Bioimaging and Structural Biology in the Field of Life Science”, it is a great pleasure to announce the upcoming Humboldt Kolleg meeting that will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 8 – 10 of November 2018.

The purpose of this meeting is to improve the network among Humboldtians, researchers and students from Brazil and abroad, in the general area of Life Science. The emphasis on Structural Biology and Bioimaging is a deliberate choice to include fields addressing studies from macromolecules to small animals that give the meeting a wide range of topics to allow a more open discussion. In addition, we will have talks related to social sciences comprising ethics in science, educational strategies and the philosophy of science.

The invited participants are coming from different countries around the world: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany and France, and also from different fields (e.g. mathematics, philosophy, literature, chemistry, medicine, biochemistry, law) of science. For Humboldtians, this Humboldt Kolleg is an ideal opportunity to meet and strengthen the network. For professors, researchers and juniors researchers it will also be an opportunity to learn more about the sponsorship programs offered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), the DAAD and it will also cover the options offered by the DFG. It will be an ideal opportunity to experience the nice atmosphere promoted by the Humboldtians.

We are looking forward to receiving you in Rio de Janeiro,

The organizing committee